Prior to searching for a home, it is important to contact a lender for pre-approval both so that you understand your full purchasing power and so that you are ready to “jump” on a property when searching for homes.

There are many financial instruments available to you for exploration and a lender will be your best resource for discussing the loans that best suit your needs, down-payment amount, etc. Conventional, FHA, VA, ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) and many variations thereof; interest rates, down-payment requirements and qualifications will vary with each instrument and with the fluctuations in the economy, etc.

Although a lender is your best resource in terms of the latest loan products and in order to pre-qualify you for purchase, it can be a daunting process so feel free to contact me and I would be happy to talk to you about your specific situation and get you started.

If you’re ready to move forward with pre-approval (&/or, shop around for rates – once you have a contract on a property), most lenders have an easy online form to begin the application process and their websites will guide you through the information needed. I’ve included a list of a few lenders as follows, but you may use any lender you wish:

Michael Murray
Loan Officer, First Savings
Office: 240-223-1630 | Cell: 301-346-9660
Apply online at

Todd Pede
Loan Officer, First Home Mortgage
Office: 202-448-0875 | Cell: 443-764-7648
Apply online:

Greg Protiva
Senior Loan Officer, Intercoastal Mortgage Company
Office: 571.298.8163 | Cell: 703.967.1891
Apply online: